CACH First Aid Website Launch

A very exciting morning here in the studio. I’ve been working with a wonderful entrepreneur called Lucy for the last couple of months. She runs CACH First Aid Training. Her business provides lifesaving training course to businesses, charities, groups, individuals, and families.

Over the last 2 months I’ve been building her branding package, with logos, leaflets, adverts, business cards, and launching today her new website.

Her website is built on WordPress, running on an eco-friendly hosting provider by Kualo. Her brief was to create something simple, sleek, modern, and mobile friendly all of which of course I catered for.

I am super excited to share this, Lucy is a wonderful client to work for, and her business is just going to grow and grow, and I’m very honoured to be a little part of that success.

Please go check it out, show her some love, let us both know what you think, and of course if you need a amazing first aid trainer, go drop her a message.