CAD Design Eco Chair

creative graphic design

My latest university works. Flexing my computer aided design skills (CAD) designing a eco-friendly chair made from recycled plastic.

My design brief for this assignment was to define a clear purpose for a new chair design and to clearly demonstrate my design brief with sketches and diagrams.

My design was a seating area, that would be used outdoors placed near a recently renovated upcycled project we completed in the village. The seating area would be made from recycled plastic, ideally crisp packets. A quote by Sir David Attenborough would be centre placed to remind people the need to do their bit to help combat climate change.

Now I’ll be completely honest, I struggle with university, because I find its to wordy, I express my design and my art through the work I do, but for university, your asked to write hundreds of words to describe your though process. I knows its part of design but for me, I’m artistic and I feel my work does the explanation.

Nether less, I scored 76/100 for this, so not a amazing score but gives me room for improvement.