High Grades In U101 Design Thinking

Education has never been easy for me, I was diagnosed in college as dyslexic, throughout school I was deemed lazy, and someone who should “try harder”, that’s a great sentence and I bet a lot of you who are in the same boat with learning difficulties, were tarnished with the same brush. I only got spotted by a support tutor, yes not my main tutor, but a wonderful lady called Caroline who worked part time at the college.

So, for me I never enjoyed education, some if it down to anger, I knew I could achieve things, but no one believed me, they thought I was lazy, but also because I struggled, nothing made sense, I was reading at a 10-year-old level but was expected to read books aimed for adults, 16+, and when I did something I was backwards, never to the set “rules” companies and life expect you to follow.

So fast forward a few years, bouncing from one poor job to another, it was time for me to fix it, so I started Open University, Officially October 3rd, 2020.

I am doing an Open degree; this is a degree that allows me to tailor my qualification to meet what I want in life. My first course, 60 credits, was U101 Design Thinking, Creativity for the 21st Century. Not only a course I truly love, heck its design, and its art. But one I smashed the course work and my final exam to earn a distinction grade.

So why write this, because well I can but also to remind others to follow their dreams, and no matter the struggle, you can achieve what ever you set your heart to.